Registration Aereum pilot bulletin-board

This ( Beta ) Project foresees the creation of a pilot bulletin-board, to which all the "Simmers" will have access. This access is indicated from their Virtual Airways which they will be remunerated in Cryptocurrency ( Aereum ) for the time of flight done online.


Registered Pilots


Certified Flights




Crypto Currency

Time is precious and he cannot be wasted

Time is an important aspect in the real life as in the flight simulation. Simmer decides whether to spend most of the time to be devoted exclusively to the flight, purchasing the necessary Add-ons to make his/her own simulator more and more realistic, or spending good part of the time seeking in the meander of the "Shadow Market" trying to save not time for sure.. but just money.

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To satisfy primary need of every Simmer

With the introduction of the product (Aereum) that will regulate and will dictate the market of the simulation devoted to the virtual flight, the factor time will come game strength redistribuito the Simmer will be stimulated to use the resource time in that that more he likes to fly for earning the product (Aereum) that will allow him to satisfy its primary need.

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Recognition of the hours of flight to the "Simmers"

The recognition of the hours of flight produced won't be destined to all the "Simmers" indiscriminately, but only to those people that enrolled in a Virtual Airways they will be titled and will have acquired a Rating of base, achieved according to the rules dictated by the single Virtual Airways of affiliation.

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